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Introducing boldify.

My hair is dark, thin, wavy and mostly found on my floor. My main internet search is “hair-loss in young women”.
But now I genuinely believe that with Boldify the future of my hair can change.
With only three uses (to date) of the “Boldify Hair Thickening Spray” my hair – which I constantly hot iron – already has greater height and volume.
Currently I’m sharing my spray with a younger brother with thinning hair issues.
Boldify is not currently available at any beauty department store, making the discovery of the brand even better.
If you have thin hair check them out.
Also be sure to stay tuned as I will be testing other Boldify items.

About root boost.

-The spray amps up that annoying baby hair you have in the front of your hairline.
-The bottle has a focus nozzle allowing you to target the thinning root areas on your head.
-Works on all hair – thin and flat, curly and frizzy, short or long, for men and women.
-You can only order the root boost online.

A man experience.

My brother has has fine and thinning hair, but he enjoys a slicked-back look with enough top hair to comb his fingers through.
With the spray he is now constantly complimented by the volume in his look.
He now skips the morning hair spray and blow dryer.
Now he does a simple towel dry, root spray on scalp, and a comb through.
Root Boosting Spray

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