An Interview with Tamara Magel

An Interview with Tamara Magel


This month our Spotlight feature is on Tamara Magel, an award-winning international designer based in the Hamptons. Tamara was gracious enough to answer several questions for our Hamptons Spectator readership. Below is that brief interview.


You opened your first design studio in 2000 in Washington, DC after a career in consulting. Then in 2011, you launched a showroom in New York’s Soho district. Can you share more about the early years of your career? How did everything start? 


I knew that I wanted to be in a more creative business but wasn’t sure exactly what, I ended up trying a few different things and one job was working for a well known designer in DC I was hooked it came very natural to me, fabrics, color , space planning, I think either you have the gift or you don’t.


How long have you been based in the Hamptons?


I’ve been working out here for over ten years but I moved here full time in 2014


Is there something that makes the Hamptons special regarding interior design?


It’s one of the most beautiful world places in the US. It also has a very sophisticated clientele, so that helps with great design opportunities.


You do full consultancies on design/build projects, as well as interior restorations of all shapes and sizes. Which is your favorite aspect?


I love interior architecture design, especially kitchens, bathrooms, hard finishes… I think it’s important as a designer to create the right background for the furniture to really make the place feel complete.


Is there a project that you consider to be the most meaningful? 


I’m starting to work on building low toxin homes I find this very very meaningful as I have my own sensitivities to chemicals and our buildings have become so air tight with energy efficiency that the chemicals aren’t escaping , women and children are being affected more than any one and I want to change this!


As an designer, how often do you change the interior of your own own home? 


Every two years I make a few changes, but I like classic timeless style where the overall feeling doesn’t get dated and you can refresh the interiors easily.


Can you share what you’re currently working on?


Several new builds in palm beach, and the Hamptons. Our newest project is a healthy hotel ! But that’s all we can say 🙂