Dog Days of Summer

There is nothing better than finding the best beauty products & accessories to glam up the look of your favorite plus one. Let’s start with accessories:

Pink Papyrus – a small Cali based brand – has the cutest summer item perfect for your pooch.

Watercolor Dreams tie-on bandana

Tie-on pup bandanas

This summer I found the perfect item for my diva pup, who will not wear any clothing!

These colorful and hand stitched tie-on bandanas have finally allowed me to add some color to my dog’s look!

See below for my Shiba sporting the aquamarine plaid bandana:

Perfect fit & style

– Hand stitched accent trim & signature leather tag

– Double sided fabric – no fabric folding needed

– Range in sizes for pups big and small

– Classic knot tie finish

To find out more about Pink Papyrus and snag a bandana for your pooch, check them out here!

Beauty Time

I only use the best when it comes to my hair and skincare routine and I want nothing less for my dog.

It has been a long trial and error process to find a brand I can be confident about in quality and results. But I finally found it!

Hownd – a small British company have the spa quality products our fur-babies deserve.

Courtesy of Hownd

Miracle face scrub & Miracle tear stain remover

This singular product will rejuvenate your pup’s face and coat.

Wheat free, Vegan and Cruelty-Free certified – I feel proud and more importantly safe when using this on my dog.

Made of Green Tea and Botanical extracts the scrub is perfect for removing dirt and discolorations from your pet’s face and ears.

I use the Miracle Face Scrub & Tear Stain Remover on Charlotte’s eye stains and it’s the only product she does not fuss over – in fact she loves the smell!

This bottle is a SPA in a bottle for my pooch.

I order my pooch’s facial routine from Amazon as Hownd is British based.

Hownd will soon be making it’s debut in the U.S.A and I can’t wait for pet owners to have access to such an ethical and high-quality brand.

Carla is an aspiring writer currently working in news and editorial at Daily News. Send her a tweet or follow her travels on Instagram.